• 301Tuna Combo3 pcs tuna sushi & 6 pcs of tuna cucumber.11.95
  • 302Salmon Combo3 pcs salmon sushi & 6 pcs of salmon avocado10.95
  • 303Vegetable Maki ComboAvocado maki, string bran maki, oshinko maki.10.95
  • 304Sushi Regular8 pcs of sushi & 6 pcs of spicy white tuna maki16.95
  • 305Sushi Deluxe12 pcs of sushi & 6pcs of spicy tuna maki.22.95
  • 306Fushion Maki ComboMango shrimp maki, spicy tuna maki & california maki.18.95
  • 307Sushi Boat (For 1)Chef's choice of sushi(6), sashimi(4) & maki22.95
  • 308Sushi Boat (For 2)Chef's choice of sushi(12), sashimi(10) & maki(2)41.95
  • 309ChirashiAssorted sashimi & vegetable over sushi rice.18.95
  • 310Unagi DonBroiled fresh water eel over sushi rice.16.95
  • 311DonChoice of tuna or salmon over sushi rice.19.95
  • 312Sushi & Sashimi (For 2)14 pcs assorted sushi, 10 pcs assorted sashimi with spicy tuna maki & unagi avocado maki.43.95

Hot & Spicy
We can alter spicy according to your taste.
Items not on this menu can be ordered upon request.

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