Hand roll is available for $1 extra. Sushi rice for $3.00
    MAKIHand roll is available for $1 extra. Sushi rice for $3.00
  • 501California Maki(crab meat, cucumber & avo)5.50
  • 502Tuna Maki6.25
  • 503Tuna Mango Maki6.95
  • 504Salmon Maki6.25
  • 505Salmon Mango Maki6.95
  • 506Yellowtail Maki6.25
  • 507Alaskan Maki(salmon, avocado & cucumber)5.95
  • 508Spicy Tuna Maki(tuna, cucumber & spicy mayo)6.95
  • 509Spicy Salmon Maki(salmon, spicy mayo & avocado)6.25
  • 510Philly MakiSmoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber.5.95
  • 511White Tuna Maki(white tuna)5.25
  • 512Spicy Yellowtail MakiYellowtail, cucumber and spicy mayo.6.95
  • 513Futo Makiegg, crab stick, cucumber and sweet radish.5.50
  • 514Spicy Crispy Scallop Roll8.95
  • 515Crispy Eel RollEel, avo, tobiko, tempura flakes & sweet soy sauce.8.95
  • 516Dragon Maki11.50
  • 517Scorpion MakiUnagi maki with cooked shrimp on top.11.50
  • 518Spider MakiSoft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko & sweet sauce.10.95
  • 519Shrimp Tempura Maki8.95
  • 520Caterpillar MakiEel, cucumber topped with avocado.8.95
  • 521Rainbow MakiCalfornia roll topped with tuna, salmon & white fish.11.95

Hot & Spicy
We can alter spicy according to your taste.
Items not on this menu can be ordered upon request.

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