• 701Salmon Lover MakiSpicy salmon, avocado & crunchy with salmon, spicy mayo & sesame seed on top.12.95
  • 702Crazy Dragonkanikama, tempura shrimp, tobiko, mango, cream cheese topped with avocado and house special sauce.11.95
  • 703Volcano MakiCrab meat, avocado, tobiko, eel, spicy mayo & spicy tuna on top13.95
  • 704Seaweed Joy MakiSpicy salmon with seaweed on top10.95
  • 705Kiss the FireCooked sushi shrimp, spicy mayo, crunch tempura flake,avocado, topped with white tuna, red tuna, jalapeno with house special wasabi sauce.13.95
  • 706Red Sox MakiShrimp tempura, cream cheese, tobiko topped with tuna, spicy mayo & scallion.11.95
  • 707Sunset RollCrab meat, mango, avocado, tuna, salmon with spicy sauce on top.10.95
  • 708Under Control MakiInside the maki with hamachi, avocado & crunchy tempura flaks, topped with salmon, hamachi, eel, scallion, tobiko & eel sauce.12.95
  • 709BBQ Scallop MakiCrab meat, avocado, mango & scallop on topped with eel sauce.11.95
  • 710Chef RollCrab meat, avocado, cucumber with BBQ salmon on top & eel sauce.10.95
  • 711Amazing MakiSpicy tuna with tobiko, curnch flaks, cucumber deep fried served with scallion & house special sauce.11.95
  • 712Rock 'N' RollTuna, salmon, avocado, crunch flaks, tobiko with seaweed outside.10.95

Hot & Spicy
We can alter spicy according to your taste.
Items not on this menu can be ordered upon request.

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