Signature Dishes
    Signature Dishes
  • Crispy Beef Slices of tender beef deep fried in
    light batter, wok sauteed quickly
    in a touch of sweet & sour sauce.
  • Ginger BeefSauteed tender beef with tender
    sweet ginger in a special light
    spicy brown sauce.
  • Coconut Crispy ShrimpCrispy shrimp wok fried in coconut
    honey sauce.
  • Pineapple ShrimpFried jumbo shrimp with chunks of pineapple
    in chef’s special creamy sauce.
  • Crispy Aromatic Flower ShrimpFresh baby shrimp deep fried to crispy
    sauteed in a special General Gau’s sauce.
  • Thai Kung Pao Two DelightsStir-fried in chef’s Thai kung pao sauce
    with chicken, shrimp and mixed vegetables.
  • Basil Three DelightsWok sauteed shrimp, chicken, beef,
    ginger with basil and mixed
    vegetables in light brown sauce.
  • Mongolian Beef Sliced tender beef with a bed of garden
    onion barbecued in a sizzling Mongolia plate.
  • Happy Family Wok sauteed shrimp, chicken, beef, Bar-B-Q pork and
    mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
  • Gai Poo Lo MeinSauteed shrimp, chicken, roasted pork and mixed vegetables
    in brown sauce over chicken fingers and soft egg noodles.
  • Thai Sweet and Sour Duck Half duck roasted to crispy brown
    finished in Thai spicy basil sauce.
  • Shanghai DuckBoneless duck in oyster flavor sauce.15.95
  • Beijing DuckHalf 15.95 - Whole 31.95

Hot & Spicy
We can alter spicy according to your taste.
Items not on this menu can be ordered upon request.

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